Synthetic turf pitches have revolutionised the way in which contact and non-contact sports are played, at both recreational and competitive levels. In fact, most sports now effectively have a dedicated surface which has been developed and improved to cater to specific play characteristics and performance requirements; however, yarn choice can have a significant impact on the success of your sports field. Some grass yarns are proven to be far better for top-flight performance, while others offer greater long-term value for intensive use by athletes at all levels.

At Don & Low, we offer a comprehensive range of DLG® sports yarns that cover everything from five-a-side surfaces to elite stadium pitches and everything in between. Our global perspective and 225 years of textile and manufacturing experience allows us to focus where it matters – for every single sport.


DLG®Stadium, DLG®StadiumFX, DLG®Endurance, DLG®Competition & DLG®Competition+ provide football surfaces with outstanding resilience, resulting in consistent and unparalleled ball roll; as well as enhanced durability, performance and longevity - where softness is an added benefit. 

DLG®StadiumFX and DLG®Endurance have been specifically developed for recreational, community and municipal facilities, due to unmatched durability for high-intensity surfaces. These yarns deliver a good standard of play and a longer more useful life.

DLG®Stadium, DLG®Competition & DLG®Competition+ provide additional strength and resilience to enhance elements such as ball roll and body-to-surface interaction, which makes it ideal for top-flight pitches.

Multi-Use Games Areas / Five-a-side Pitches

Although an individual and specified surface for each sport is preferred, restrictions in budget and space can limit options; however, multi-use games areas (MUGAS) are the ideal solution for schools, clubs and local authorities as they provide a combination of sports in one surface.

Delivering flexibility, strength and resilience, DLG®Endurance enables pitch systems to adapt to multiple sports; while remaining aesthetically pleasing, low maintenance and durable.

DLG®Endurance ensures that the surface, regardless of sport, withstands the intensity of play and remains skin-friendly, so players can focus on the game at hand


Hockey is highly dependent on a playing surface which can meet the demanding nature of its players, while remaining incredibly durable to withstand excessive wear and tear.

Remaining flat and consistent to improve predictability, DLG®Agility yarns are exceptionally strong – allowing players to perform to the best of their ability.

DLG®Agility provides hockey pitches with a non-directional surface, which has been proven to improve ball-to-surface interaction and increase pace.


When it comes to golf, synthetic turf is a popular alternative for use in both professional clubs and domestic gardens, due to the consistency in play and natural aesthetics.

DLG®Agility allows both putting greens, fairways and driving ranges to remain lush and green all year round, while providing a consistently non-directional surface - allowing you to enjoy the relaxed pace of the game and improve your technique.