There’s no denying the desire to achieve a perfectly manicured lawn or landscaped garden but with natural grass, this can prove difficult to accomplish.

Through our carefully selected polymers and masterbatch, which are bespoke to Don & Low, our innovative DLG® landscape yarns are able to combine aesthetics with the functionality to deliver long-lasting performance and versatility for a variety of landscaping projects.

Developed to complement the natural environment our range of landscape yarns provide skin-friendly, resilient, and sustainable solutions for an assortment of landscape surfaces – allowing you to relax and enjoy the moment without the added extra maintenance.

Landscaping Projects

Suitable for both small and large-scale residential or commercial landscaping projects DLG®Garden achieves the difficult balance between the natural appearance and softness of real grass and the outstanding benefits of synthetic turf.

DLG® yarns act as a practical solution to keep areas, where natural grass can’t grow, looking vibrant in all weather conditions.

Play Areas

Comfort and safety are the top priorities when it comes to multi-purpose play areas and playgrounds, which is why DLG®Garden has been developed with superior skin-friendliness in mind.

Although incredibly soft, these yarns are also equally durable to withstand intensive and energetic use – making them extremely hard-wearing and long-lasting.

Pet Areas

As much as we love our pets, they can cause a lot of damage to natural grass.

DLG® landscape yarns are resistant to pet urine and are strong enough to withstand boisterous play – creating a low-maintenance, pet-friendly solution to keep your animal friend safe and healthy while controlling odour. 

Anti-bacterial additives are available on request.

Environmentally friendly solutions

A heightened sense of environmental awareness has prompted and increased market interest in alternative solutions to conserve water, reduce chemical and pesticide usage; as well as regenerate areas where it’s difficult for natural grass to grow. Once installed synthetic turf is very low maintenance and requires no chemicals or water to thrive.